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Automate your FAQ

The "F" in "FAQ" stands for "frequently". The majority of people with problems aren't the first ones to have them. Parlo bots understand common problems, even if they're phrased in uncommon ways. They'll find a solution and pass difficult queries on to humans.
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Delight your customers

Parlo bots can understand your customers, classify their support requests, and deliver the solutions they need  so they don't have to spend half an hour waiting for a representative to become available. Less waiting means happier customers and a healthier business.
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Engage on their terms

If your customers wanted to solve their problems one at a time, they wouldn't need a chatbot. Parlo bots are smarter than a command prompt. They'll interpret multiple intents, like "Can you check on the status of my order and change the size if it hasn't been shipped yet?" just like a human would.
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