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ServiceNow Acquires Parlo,

AI Workforce Solution

Delivering natural language understanding powered by AI

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Enterprises Using Parlo's AI Workforce
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Do you Parlo?

AI bots are transforming the enterprise

We publish articles each week explaining how AI bots are driving cost-savings, labor efficiencies, and employee satisfaction across the entire enterprise. Check out our content to learn more!


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Here's just some of the things that Parlo bots can do:



Automate IT Help Desk

Resolve IT service requests on demand. You will never need your employees to “reset a password” or “grant admin access” ever again!

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Process HR Requests

Automate routine HR requests such as changing your address, adding benefits, discussing employee compensation, and more.

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Provide 24/7 Support

Answer customer questions, organize tickets, and find the right live rep to solve the big problems. Learn your knowledge base inside and out to find the answers you need quickly and efficiently.  

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A futuristic solution for today's problems

When you're hiring humans, you don't settle for anything less than the best and brightest.

Why hold artificial intelligence to a different standard?

Parlo uses cutting-edge natural language understanding (NLU) to respond clearly and comfortably to complex language. 

An automated workforce that learns in real-time

Parlo bots get smarter every day on their own. You'll spend less time teaching them to understand your business.

They'll spend more time providing the solutions you need and the solutions your customers deserve.

The freedom for humans to do what they do best

Discover what you and your human workforce can do with that extra time. Think, create, and innovate freely with enterprise bots you can count on to manage everything else.

Armed with Parlo-powered conversational AI, our digital agents enable your team to spend more time on the problems that only humans can solve.

The Parlo AI Solution for Enterprise

Dialogue Manager

The Dialogue Manager oversees how your customers and employees communicate and models the conversation accordingly.

NLU Core

The Parlo NLU Core uses grammar engineering and statistical learning models to understand natural language with barely any training.

Behavior Engine

The Behavior Engine triggers relevant services and backend software systems to execute the tasks you wish to fulfill.
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Do you Parlo?

Whether you're in the market for a cutting-edge chatbot platform or interested in learning more about the future of intelligent automation, we'd love to chat. (It's kind of our thing.)


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Powered by Parlo's Broca NLU  

Our NLU ranks #1 for unsupervised learning

See how Broca stacks up to the NLU engines of the top 5 AI companies in the market: Higher predictability, greater accuracy, and more human-like conversations.
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