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ServiceNow Acquires Parlo!

May 3, 2018 1:03:15 PM

 Parlo's NLU Capabilities Coming to the Now Platform


Dear Parlo Family,

We are excited to announce that Parlo is joining forces with ServiceNow!

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) is driven by the idea that getting things done at work should be easier. Its Platform and products are used by thousands of organizations around the world, including over 40% of the Global 2000 to simplify workflows across IT, customer service, security operations and HR service delivery. 

Parlo’s advanced AI capabilities will permeate all aspects of ServiceNow’s Now Platform. Therefore, the decision to join ServiceNow was an obvious and important one - it allows Parlo to truly deliver on its mission of democratizing intelligent automation at scale. Our automation technology can scale much faster and farther as a part of ServiceNow. This is indeed exciting. Together the two companies will be focused on leveraging Broca, Parlo’s most advanced NLU, and AI-powered virtual agents to create better experiences for enterprise employees and customers. 

Too many enterprises are still stuck in the past, using hundreds of legacy apps and routine business processes to engage their workforce. However, as employees continue to get more mobile, enterprises must embrace intelligent automation to both enhance the employee experience and improve workplace productivity.

I firmly believe that AI-powered virtual agents will become the front-line of simpler, faster communication between employees and enterprises. This is the exciting future Parlo and ServiceNow will build together.

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I want to thank Parlo’s employees and their families, investors, and well-wishers for their support and encouragement over the years. We couldn’t have done it without you! In particular, I’m thankful to have had Edwin and Srini as friends and partners in Parlo’s sometimes winding journey: your creativity, hard work, and bonhomie have been instrumental in getting us to this point.

And a deep “thank you” goes out to you -- our customers and partners. With ServiceNow, we look forward to helping you and your organizations make work simpler, easier, and more enjoyable for all!



Murali Subbarao
Founder & CEO
Parlo, Inc.

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