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Parlo featured in VentureBeat's 2017 Intelligent Assistance & Bot Landscape

Oct 20, 2017 3:22:54 PM

VentureBeat recently published their 2017 Intelligent Assistance and Bot Landscape featuring Parlo alongside industry leading conversational NLP and bot development platforms.

Edited Landscape.png


This is very exciting news for us since it demonstrates Parlo's combined offering as an enterprise NLU service and an enteprise bot development platform:

  1. Broca - Parlo's Most Advanced NLU for Enterprise 
  2. The Parlo AI Bot Platform


Broca - Parlo's Most Advanced NLU for Enterprise

Broca is a one-of-a-kind NLU service — incorporating semantic parsing, grammar engineering, and machine learning capabilities. Put simply, Broca understands language and recognizes relevant tasks in a similar way to how the human brain operates.

Broca includes the following new features requested by customers:

  1. Complex intent and entity recognition for intelligent user interactions
  2. Vocabulary manager to easily tune models to your enterprise language
  3. Cloud and on-premise models for added privacy and security
  4. Integration with Parlo AI platform to make bot building easy and seamless

Parlo AI Bot Platform

The Parlo AI Bot Platform is a visual bot-builder that allows for rapid bot development and prototyping with minimal coding required. It is powered by our Broca NLU service to create AI bots that can call external web services and integrate with enterprise software systems using REST-based APIs.

If you would like to discuss how Broca or the Parlo AI Bot Platform can help your enterprise, please request a call with us. We are currently offering a free proof-of-concept bot to enterprises looking to embrace AI in their core business.

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Parlo builds smarter bots for smarter enterprises. We build AI chatbots that employ cutting-edge machine learning to seamlessly integrate with your business. They'll support your human workforce, delight your customers, and save you time and money.