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Enterprises Using Parlo's AI Workforce


Grammar Engineering

Language is complex and no two people say the same thing the exact same way. Broca breaks natural language down to the essentials — so it understands what your customers are saying however they say it


Machine Learning

Parlo builds enterprise bots that learn from everything, just like a human does. Broca uses machine intelligence to analyze your chat logs, CRM data, support emails, and more so your bots can communicate with your customers and employees on their terms.


Semantic Parsing

Real people don't think about ideas one at a time — don't settle for AI that can't. Dealing elegantly with complex language is the #1 thing customers need from AI (Forrester Research, 2017). Parlo bots can process multiple intents in real-time and provide users with on-the-fly solutions. So when you ask: "I need to buy an umbrella and ship it to my house" it thinks: "No problem."

Here's just some of the things that Parlo bots can do:



Automate IT Help Desk

Resolve IT service requests on demand. You will never need your employees to “reset a password” or “grant admin access” ever again!

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Process HR Requests

Automate routine HR requests such as changing your address, adding benefits, discussing employee compensation, and more.

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Provide 24/7 Support

Answer customer questions, organize tickets, and find the right live rep to solve the big problems. Learn your knowledge base inside and out to find the answers you need quickly and efficiently.  

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And so much more!

If you need it, Parlo-powered bots can learn it. Check out what our platform can do.

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