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Handle Employee Benefits

Guide employees through the often confusing and frustrating open enrollment process. Over 50% of HR inquiries regarding employee health insurance and retirement benefits can be quickly resolved by a chatbot.

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Answer Company FAQs

Instantly provide answers to your employees’ most commonly asked questions. Whether it’s about vacation policies, payroll, or the company wellness program, your employees will always know where to turn and never be left in the dark.

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Elevate the Employee Experience

Parlo bots create a wonderful experience when it comes to employee onboarding, diversity training, and skills development. Your employees get all the attention they need to easily navigate your company’s HR process.

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7 Uses of HR Bots Cover Photo

7 Ways Chatbots and AI are Disrupting HR

Whether it’s enrolling in benefits, discussing vacation policies, or completing training, HR bots can assist employees every step of the way.

We’ve listed the 7 ways in which chatbots and AI are disrupting HR.

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